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3000 Piece/Pieces per Month
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Place of Origin:
Shaanxi, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
CS titanium
Model Number:
Sand blasting,Acid washing,Brush coating
Gr1 Ti as substrate,mixed Ir-Ta as coating
Powder Or Not:
Not Powder
Ti Content (%):
Metal electrowinning:
from Sulphates/Nitrates
Liquid contact Aluminium Strip Anodising:
Water treatment
Copper plating, Nickel plating:
Rhodium plating, Gilding/Hard plating/Decorative plating
PCB Via Fill Copper plating:
Steelcord plating for tyres Surface Finishing
Metal Winning from Chlorides:
Anodes for Chlorine:
Chlorine-Alkali Membrane Cells:
Electrolysers for Hypochlorite production
Electrolysers for Chlorate production:
Electrochlorinators for swimming pools
Anodes for cathodic protection:
DSE - DSA - MMO/Cathodic protection
Anodes for Oxygen:Copper Foil:
Electrogalvanising Electrotinning
Chlorine Caustic Mercury Cells:
Chlorine Alkali Diaphragm Cell
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details
Plastic or paper as inside,carton or plywood case as outside,or as clients' demands
Delivery Time
5-25 days

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Baoji City Changsheng Titanium Co.,Ltd

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Baoji City Changsheng Titanium Co.,Ltd. is located in Baoji City which is know as the"Titanium City". Our factory was established in 2001.We focused on processing and sales of titanium electrode (including ruthenium-series titanium anode/titanium electrode, iridium-series titanium anode/titanium electrode, platinum-series titanium anode/titanium electrode, etc), The product is widely applied in chemical industry, metallurgy, petroleum, textile, medicine, light industry, environmental protection, sports, mine, ocean and other fields.Our products have been used in China over 15 years and exported to overseas had been steadily increased in North America,Europe,Africa,South America,Middle East and Asia,etc.




Titanium electrode (anode and cathode)

The electrode is made from a base and a coating.

Among many materials tested, the choice of the support, or substrate as you say in scientific language, has fallen on Titanium.Titanium has in fact the features required in order to receive the coating, to resist the chemically aggressive environments of the processes and it's suitable for the current's conduction.Another advantage of Titanium is that it can be worked in a wide range of shapes: sheets, nets, tubes, wires, complex manufactured products etc.The electrode was born from the combination of coating and Titanium, which has afterwards taken different commercial names: DSE - DSA - MMO etc...


The coating

It's a very thin layer, a few microns, which covers the titanium's surface in the areas where the anodic reaction takes place.

It's composed by oxides, in variable percentages, of noble metals belonging to the Platinum family.In particular Ruthenium and Iridium are the main elements used, mixed with others within the same family: Palladium, Rhodium, Platinum.The formation of the coating takes place through the application of a solution of the above described salts' elements and a subsequent high temperature thermal treatment to create the oxide.Each application or "coat" is a cycle during which a fraction of the prearranged coating's quantity settles. The number of cycles is subject to the final noble metal's load, which, in turn, is in relation to the type of final use it's designed for.There are many formulations or "recipes" for coating, each of which is specific for its final use.You can distinguish between two families: anode and cathode coating.Among the anode coatings you can distinguish between: coating for Chlorine evolution, coating for Oxygen evolution or mixed coating.The key component or the "catalyst" of the coating for Chlorine evolution is Ruthenium Oxide; for Oxygen evolution it is Iridium Oxide.Membrane cell cathode coatings are based on Ruthenium Oxide or Platinum, mixed with Palladium, Rhodium.


A coating for each process

As we've seen the main use of the coating concerns anodes, as cathodes are often used with materials of different composition.There are two great families which distinguish the anodic reaction and they are:

The production of Chlorine (Cl2) from solutions containing Chlorides (Cl-) according to the electrochemical reaction:

Cl- + e- ----> Cl2

the production of Oxygen (O2) from acid solutions containing mainly Nitrates, Sulphates according to the electrochemical reaction:

2H2O ----> O2 + 2e- + 2H+


The most important industrial applications Chemical Newtech refers to are:

Anodes for Chlorine:

Chlorine – Caustic Mercury Cells
Chlorine –Alkali Diaphragm Cell
Chlorine-Alkali Membrane Cells

Electrolysers for Hypochlorite production Electrolysers for Chlorate production

Electrochlorinators for swimming pools 

Metal Winning from Chlorides

Anodes for Oxygen:


Decorative plating

Hard plating

Rhodium plating, Gilding

Copper plating, Nickel plating

Copper Foil
PCB Via Fill  Copper plating
Steelcord  plating for tyres
Surface Finishing

Liquid contact Aluminium Strip Anodising 

Water treatment
Metal electrowinning from Sulphates and/

or Nitrates


Anodes for cathodic protection

Cathodic protection