iridium oxide coated titanium anodes

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US $5-300 / Piece | 10 Piece/Pieces (Min. Order)
Supply Ability:
38000 Piece/Pieces per Month
Shanghai and other China main ports
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Quick Details
Place of Origin:
Shaanxi, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
CS titanium
Model Number:
CS titanium36
In acid medium oxygen evolving reaction
Sand blasting,Acid washing,Brush coating
Gr1 Ti as substrate,mixed Ir-Ta as coating
Powder Or Not:
Not Powder
Ti Content (%):
Mesh, Plate, Basket, Rod, Tubular
iridium and tantalum oxide
conducting material
Current Density:
the cathode protection field:
electrolysis of electrolytic cobalt and electrolytic nickel
auxiliary anode of electrolytic zinc:
auxiliary electrode of cathode protection
Coating Content:
10-20 g/m2
excellent electrode material:
electrolysis of organic matter
cysteine, glyoxylic acid, succinic acid:
as functions as auxiliary electrode in electro-plating industry
Cr plated auxiliary anode:
auxiliary anode of electrolytic copper
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details
Plastic or paper as inside,carton or plywood case as outside,or as clients' demands

Iridium mmo and Ir-Ta coated titanium anode


Iridium has stable chemical performance and high resisting corrosion.

Iridium has intense tendency of forming coordination complex, and mainly includes +2, +4 and +6 valences.

Application of element: pure iridium is specifically used in spark plug of airplane, and is mainly adopted to manufacture scientific apparatus, thermo-coupling, resistance wire, etc. Used as alloy, iridium can enhance hardness and corrosion resistance of other metals. Pure iridium is mainly used in alloy, and is seldom used alone. When iridium is used alone, it is generally in the form of ingot, crucible or wire.


In acid medium oxygen evolving reaction, available electrode material is extremely limited, but iridium-tantalum coated titanium anode is an excellent electrode material. The product is applicable to electrolysis of organic matter such as cysteine, glyoxylic acid, succinic acid, etc, Cr3+→Cr6+ electrolysis of indirect oxidation, sewage disposal to oxidize organic matter and toxic material in water, such as conversion of CN-, as well as functions as auxiliary electrode in electro-plating industry, such as Cr plated auxiliary anode, auxiliary anode of electrolytic copper, auxiliary anode of electrolytic zinc, auxiliary electrode of cathode protection, etc. Furthermore, the product can be used in electrolysis of electrolytic cobalt and electrolytic nickel.  


Iridium-tantalum coated titanium anode, with advantages that other anodes don’t have, is regarded as the most idea and the most promising auxiliary anode material in the present time. In the cathode protection field, the titanium, which is taken as substrate, is easy to process various required shapes and is light in weight, and is capable of making it convenient to carry and mount. External titanium anode for current cathode protection is in strip-shaped or tubular form. The oxide layer with high catalysis activity covered on the surface of the electrode can control the potential of the titanium substrate which is exposed from some defect parts within 2v, so as to avoid breakdown or damage of surface passivating film of the titanium substrate (generally, external voltage is lower than 60v when it is applied in the soil).


Iridium-tantalum coated titanium anode has excellent physical, chemical and electro-chemical performances, and product standard can be determined depending on customer’s demand.

Technical parameters: resistivity of coating is 10-7 omegas.m; the anode is extremely resistant to acid environment, low in polarity and comparatively low in consumption; the anode is adapted to various environments such as seawater, freshwater and soil by regulating component of the oxide layer; service life of the hybrid metallic oxide anode is 20 years under working current density of 100A/m2 in ground bed and the consumption speed is about 0.1 mg/A.a; phenomenon of passivating or dissolving is avoided even the current density is 5000A/square meter, thereby stabilizing performance and reducing cost; under protection of surface soil or deep soil container, service life of the cathode protection anode is not less than 20 years under current density of 100A/m2; and service life of the cathode protection titanium anode is not less than 20 years under current density of 600A/m2 with presence of seawater medium.


Test report about coating



All will be packaged by standard exported wooden case.For protecting the mmo coating from harm,we will cover it with Plastic Wrap firstly,and then cover with pearl wool,foam,which are more soft and porous .


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